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Thread: Still average team at best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetfan16 View Post
    Stevie, if you had to give your best guess, what would you predict the Jets record will be in 2012, sitting here right now?
    I gave myself an idea and figured what the heck, why not start a thread on it? So you can give your answer in the thread if you want, mate

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    my answer is this

    better than last year, probably 10-12 wins

    here is the link to the 2009 version of "realists predicting gloom and doom"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    Average HC (not a semblance of his DC greatness); plus below average OC; coupled with average QB (Sanchez), well below average "part-time" QB (Teblow (sic)), JAG #1 RB (Greene), decimated/average (at best) receiving corps, catastrophically abysmal offensive line, equals average to below average team, no matter how well the D plays (which--IMO--will be average as well).
    Average post (for borgoguy)

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