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Thread: Draft Picks

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    Draft Picks

    The whole idea of a draft pick is to find quality NFL starters. Is there a legit prototype RT on someone's roster that we can can trade a 3 or 4 for? You cannot go into the season with starting O line. It's been awful since Damien Woody retired.

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    Short answer no. RT is just thin this year and your not going to find a whole lot out there other teams are willing to hand over. I think SD is the one to watch but I wouldn't count on getting anyone better then Hunter. Or worth a 3rd or 4th for that matter.

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    I can't imagine any team having a starter quality RT as back up and available for trade unless older and in that case likely not worth a third or fourth.
    I did not like Hunter last year (understatement) but given the faith the front office have in him I think we have to see him in a few preseason games before deciding that he still blows.


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