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Thread: The Front Office did not address the needs of the team

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    The Front Office did not address the needs of the team

    IMO they have failed to address our needs at WR, OL and LB. Yes they drafted Hill who has upside but hes a year away. Coples is a very good pick. But what about our OL? Wayne Hunter? thats who we are counting on?Theres no one else out there that couldve helped, they guy was a matador last year,Sanchez almost got killed against Baltimore..... LB, after last year when scott couldnt get on the field dont you think it would have been wise to pick up a LB somewhere? OL we try to sign the walking wounded who didnt pass a physical and the got cut by Carolina. This tells me that they know theres a need and last nights game proved it further. I know there is still time but I think the Jets, Tanny in particular failed to address or attempt to address some very pressing needs, Instead they went out and signed a player that we didnt need we had a backup QB. Time will tell and yes I know there is still time but Im starting to lose faith in cap boy

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    Dude I am all for ripping the FO but this is like the 5th thread on this topic. I think someone actually used the same title.

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    Seems you failed to check the board first before starting this thread

    Areas that the Jets front office failed to address

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    Oh goody, more regurgitated crap and overanalysis, including commentary on players who didn't even play last night...

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