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Thread: Coples vs. First team: All 5 snaps

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    Quote Originally Posted by k.Rhodes25 View Post
    ^^^^^ Looks like holding to me.
    It was. He gets tackled... IIRC from earlier it was like 42 seconds or so into the Youtube clip that was posted...

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    Coples has natural ability. He's obviously got the talent and certain scouts might not have appreciated his senior season regardless of the well documented circumstances. But this kid is a physical specimen and he has good technique. I'd like to think that the addition of Dunbar might have something to do with this as well.

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    That was a very insightful first post. It's hard not to like this draft selection, his first preseason action was a very good performance.

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    Well, the Patsy fags or whoever are going to try and diminish what Coples did. That's understandable. They are not fans and don't want the enemy to get better.

    Just the same, Jets fans shouldn't be listening to those dingbats.

    The fact of the matter is, Coples did do most of his damage against 2nd and 3rd stringers. With that said, anyone knows that a player that does that much damage against 2nd and 3rd stringers, may not do as much damage against 1st stringers, but he's DEFINITELY going to do some damage. That's just a fact given what he did.

    All told we just need to wait and see how he does in his next preseason game. I'm certain he'll do some more good things. Probably won't be as much of a menace this time around because they'll give him more snaps with the 1st team. But it is certain that he will do some more damage to the opposing offense.

    What I saw from him was very telling. The kid has legitimate all world NFL talent. He's still needs to be coached up and learn more of his instincts, but barring injury he's going to do good things.

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    Good work! Thanks for posting.

    QC is really justifying his status as a high pick by the Jets. His versatility on the DL is marvellous


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