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Thread: Coples vs. First team: All 5 snaps

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    Sunday morning I watched the first team's series in slo motion. I came to the same conclusion. Coples was moved around on the line and had good penetration. BJGE's 11 yard gain infuriated me! That should have been a 3 or 4 yard loss. On offense the Bengals blitzed 7 right from the start. Unfortunately we only picked up 6. The Bengals # 94 was in pass coverage when he got injured. Isn't he a lineman? And the Jets Cumberland blew a block on a two yard gain that should have gone for 8 yards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eifmp View Post
    EDIT: I recorded the game. Anyone know a decent video editing app I could use so I can cut up plays of the game and post them?

    come on nerds, help the man out!!

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    Great post!

    Quote Originally Posted by eifmp View Post
    EDIT: I recorded the game. Anyone know a decent video editing app I could use so I can cut up plays of the game and post them?
    A free program I use is Windows Movie Maker 2.6, but to use that your files have to be compatible (it tends to like WMV best). I know there are others out there, and pay ones are easier to find than free ones, but just a suggestion since it's free and either comes in most versions of Windows of can be downloaded easily. I can't use the newest version of WMM, but it is HD compatible, the older one isn't, I just like the interface better.
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    I was admittedly a big fan of Ingram and surprised the Jets didn't take him, but I don't see how you couldn't be thrilled with the way Coples looked on Friday.

    He showed more in 3 quarters than Gholston showed in 3 seasons. There's no denying that he has the ability to disrupt and make plays in the backfield - will be exciting to watch him put it all together.

    What the Jets would have had in terms of needed speed at the LB position with Ingram will be matched (and hopefully bettered) by what Coples can do for the D-Line.

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    Thank you for taking the time to break these plays own. Great stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillywilly View Post
    thanks for posting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillywilly View Post
    Nice find, very cool, thanks!

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    Great stuff
    Quote Originally Posted by eifmp View Post
    EDIT: I recorded the game. Anyone know a decent video editing app I could use so I can cut up plays of the game and post them?
    I've used Camtasia and Photoshop to create .gifs of plays from NFL GameRewind coverage. Works well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillywilly View Post
    On 0:36, how was that not a holding call on #71 vs Coples? The NFL needs to get the real refs back.

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    Great write up dude. thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by Green&White51 View Post
    Good write up. You should post more.
    I agree with this guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by eifmp View Post

    4th Snap: Very next play: 1st & 10 from the Jets 45.

    Coples lines up at left defensive end, operating again from a 4 point stance. Dalton takes the snap and drops back to pass. Coples uses an hard shove to get his blocker, #71 Andre Smith, moving back and to the left. Coples then drops his arms and runs through the space he created on the right, leaving Smith behind him as he advances on Dalton. BJGE then runs to provide support by running to block Coples. Then, Coples runs into teammate Bryan Thomas, which causes them both to trip and fall. Still, the pocket was gone by then and Dalton was forced to throw it away with Devito barreling down on him.

    Side note: Folks this move by Coples was sofast. I counted "thousand-1, thousand-2," and Coples was in the backfield already. I mean damn, it was fast!

    First, AWESOME work. We need more threads like this around here. Anyway, I re-watched this play like a hundred times today. Here it is frame-by-frame:

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    ^^^^^ Looks like holding to me.

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    Great work, thanks for yhe write up

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillywilly View Post
    Great find! He uses his hands well for a rookie d-lineman. Impressive debut.

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    Thank you very much. I think what you did was fantastic!

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    Standing up opposing players and then having the instinct to make plays off of that is a great start for a young player.

    A lot of pass rushers try and go around their man thus leaving huge running lanes. Others (See Vernon Gholston) can stand up their man at the line but then have no idea what to do next and never make any plays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k.Rhodes25 View Post
    ^^^^^ Looks like holding to me.
    Most certainly was, and Green-Ellis tried to chip him while he was being held. Don't think you're allowed to do that. Luckily for Coples, he made an athletic play to discard BJGE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillywilly View Post
    that was great.

    a few things that jumped out:

    - almost always got a good push on the OL, only saw him get driven backwards on one play

    - this is due to playing with great leverage and exploding off the snap, always seems to get favorable position on the OL

    - he's very quick to recognize run/pass, and reacts accordingly

    - saw him give up too quickly on some plays when they weren't in his immediate vicinity, maybe it's a stamina issue but that has to change

    - good instincts to get hands up when the QB is passing, knocked down one ball and was close on a couple of others

    - very strong tackler, had a couple of one-armed stops of RB's while still fighting off the OL

    - that spin move on the first play was a thing of beauty especially for a guy his size, too bad the play was a run because he would've had a clear shot at the QB

    overall, a very promising debut for Coples, although he did a lot of work against back-ups and future cuts. his strength and ability to play with great leverage are as good as advertised, and i was impressed with his recognition skills. let's hope he continues to develop, his upside is really encouraging.


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