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Thread: Coples vs. First team: All 5 snaps

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    Coples vs. First team: All 5 snaps

    I felt this deserved it's own thread, and I do apologize in advance if someone has made a thread similar to this one. It's just that all the, "Coples only did good things vs. the Bengals' 2nd & 3rd teams, so calm down!", crap was bugging me. Correctly stated, Coples did outstanding things vs the 2nd and 3rd teams. He still played very well vs the Bengals starters and I'm here to illustrate such. All snaps I describe come with the Jets in a 4-3 look.

    As per Rich Cimini, Espn Jets Blog Beat writer: "Coples didn't start, and he ended up playing only five of 18 snaps with the first unit."

    Coples Debut

    1st Snap: 1st & 10 from the Cincinnati 20 yard line. 6:14 left in the 1st quarter:

    Coples lines up as left defensive end. Dalton takes the snap and hands the ball to BJGE, running right (towards Coples). Coples stands up his blocker, #71 Andre Smith, before doing a spin move towards the right. He gets good penetration but BJGE runs between Coples' gap responsibility which was vacated when Coples did his spin move. BJGE gains 4 on the play. This is the only play where Coples directly cost the Jets yards. He'll be coached up on this and play better.

    Very next play. 2nd Snap: 2nd & 6 from the Cincinnati 24 yard line.

    Coples plays LDE in the 4-3. Dalton takes the snap and hands off to BJGE running right. The O-line blocks to the right as well. Coples is matched up with #68, rookie Kevin Zeitler. Coples stands Zeitler up at the point of attack and pushes him to the ground. Seeing this, Bengals Center, #64 Kyle Cook, goes to block Coples and is moderately effective as Coples is off balance after dropping Zeitler. However, by assisting Zeitler to block Coples, Cook leaves Kenrick Ellis unblocked and BJGE is stuffed for no gain on 2nd and 6.

    Coples is then taken out of the game until...

    3rd Snap: 1st and 10 from the Bengals 44 yard line. 3:13 to go in the 1st quarter:

    Coples plays this down as a right defensive tackle, operating from a 4-point stance. Kenrick Ellis to his left and Calvin Pace to his right. Dalton takes the snap and hands to BJGE, running left. Coples stands up his blocker, #77 Andrew Whitworth, and was the first Jet to penetrate the offensive line forcing BJGE to run to the outside. Unfortunately Calvin Pace failed to set the edge, allowing BJGE to run around said edge for 11 yards.

    4th Snap: Very next play: 1st & 10 from the Jets 45.

    Coples lines up at left defensive end, operating again from a 4 point stance. Dalton takes the snap and drops back to pass. Coples uses an hard shove to get his blocker, #71 Andre Smith, moving back and to the left. Coples then drops his arms and runs through the space he created on the right, leaving Smith behind him as he advances on Dalton. BJGE then runs to provide support by running to block Coples. Then, Coples runs into teammate Bryan Thomas, which causes them both to trip and fall. Still, the pocket was gone by then and Dalton was forced to throw it away with Devito barreling down on him.

    Side note: Folks this move by Coples was sofast. I counted "thousand-1, thousand-2," and Coples was in the backfield already. I mean damn, it was fast!

    Very next play: 2nd & 10 from the Jets 45:

    Coples lines up as the right defensive tackle, this time in a 3-point stance. Maybin to his right, and Wilkerson to his left. Dalton hands off to Green-Ellis who tries to run left behind the block of #64, C Kyle Cook. However, Coples stands Cook up at the line. As a result, BJGE was stalled long enough for Wilkerson to able to get BJGE's legs from behind for the tackle. No gain on 2nd & 10.

    After that...Coples was taken out and did not play again until the 2nd team offense was in. I will admit that he did get winded during the 3rd quarter. Better for it to happen now than in game one.

    EDIT: I recorded the game. Anyone know a decent video editing app I could use so I can cut up plays of the game and post them?

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    Good analysis.

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    Good job

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    Nice. Thanks for posting.

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    Thank you, excellent post

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    Excellent. Thank you for posting.

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    Nice job.

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    ... GREAT STUFF!!!!! ...

    ... anyone who doesn't think QC was amazing is crazy ...


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    I know its way too early, but Coples reminds me a little bit of a young Richard Seymour.

    I think this is going to be the team's best draft class since 2007.

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    Excellent post, wish we had more of this stuff.

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    Great job. Keep up the great work. Can you do one for Ausin Howard?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mavericknyc1980 View Post
    Great job. Keep up the great work. Can you done for Ausin Howard?

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    So basically, you're saying we drafted Lawrence Taylor!?!

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    great post.

    i like his versatility, getting pressure from the DE or DT spots

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    Great job!

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    Thanks for taking the time--great job.


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    I thought the pick was warranted for both Coples and Hill...

    He's a tremendous athlete for a hand in the dirt players... There is always risk.. Thought Wilkerson was a much riskier pick at end of Round 1. but warranted....

    DT/DE that can rush the passer as a natural down lineman is a major plus....

    Let's see how he progresses in up coming weeks.....

    Seems like knock on him is that he hasn't peformed well in practice....

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    Sounds like he'll be an All-Pro. Can't wait.

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    Nice recap. Thank you

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    Good write up. You should post more.


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