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Thread: Jets looking for wide receiver help

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurkJetFan View Post
    this should be dumped...thread title is completely misleading
    And plagerized

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    Quote Originally Posted by JETFAN1 View Post
    I personally wanted Braylon back as well and to this day I never understood why they didn't re-sign him. IMO the rumors about why he wasn't re-signed reek of BS. I can only guess his DWI pissed off Woody Johnson. Holmes better not smoke another joint or he's out as well...
    Me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digetydog View Post
    You should have included the link to the story by Cimini which you copied word for word.
    And he copied it from himself from last week minus the Chad Johnson stuff.

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    Miami should look into Roy Williams at this point. Really what do they have to lose? He didn't look bad year last year. Yeah not worth a lot of money but I don't get why no one has even looked at him. I'd take him over any current FA right now easy. Hartline and Bess as starters!! yikes!


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