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Thread: The Steelers Are A Circus and Tomlin has lost the team :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglenj View Post
    Coughlin does a million times more things then tomlin.

    Coughlin is also one of the best in game coaches in the league in terms of challenges (highest all time % I believe) and clock management, etc
    Tomlin gets very puffed up before, during and especially after a game, pompous in front of the camera - considering that for a HC he does much less relative to Coughlin etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by long island leprechaun View Post
    You completely missed the point. This is merely an example of how one arrives at a position, then uses anything and everything that even sniffs of an issue to prove it. Both the media and some "fans" here were extremely quick to assess that "things were rotten in Denmark" due to a couple of scuffles. The media is desperate to portray the Jets as a 'circus' and sadly some fans are happy to concur. The scuffles in training camp were actually proof of nothing and hardly out of the ordinary. That was the only issue... not how many championships the Steelers have won, most of which were in the 1970's. And yes, I've been paying attention.
    I understood exactly what you were trying to portray. However, the Steelers are an awful example. There is a reason why we get treated differently than them. There is a reason why they are perceived differently and given the benefit of the doubt. We are not equals.


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