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Thread: Dustin Keller: Im a Pro Bowl tight end

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitonti View Post
    "Another one, it was a shame because Dustin Keller, on two of these pressures, was running completely open (with) nobody guarding him. We just didnt get him the football (at that point)."

    -Tony Sparano talking about the OL performance in preseason vs Bengals.
    On that very same drive, he threw a bone crushing lookout block for his RB resulting in a TFL.

    It all evens out, he is nothing but mere average.

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    I definitely feel that Im a Pro Bowl tight end, Keller told the New York Daily News. And I feel that will happen this year.

    He was misquoted. What he really said was:

    "I definitely feel that I'm a probowl TE when AmericanMadman plays Madden 12 and the two guys in front of me on the depth chart are hurt."

    Damn lazy reporters.

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