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Thread: Pennington @ TC today

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    Sounds like a good idea to me. Always liked Chad. A good Jet and a terrific person

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisChrusher#40 View Post
    Weird that Jets fans attack the owner and GM for trying to improve the team by *gasp* bringing in established NFL stars?! This is bad?! Huh?

    - Giants were not projected to win either of those Super Bowls, and were lucky to make it into the playoffs both times. They got hot and kicked butt come playoff time. Their fan base – filled mostly with arrogant, cocky, and somewhat dimwitted expectation of winning – SUPPORTED them and CHEERED them on. Unlike ours, which doubts, moans, and groans with every move. The Giants coach AND QB were both on the proverbial hot seat, even up to when they played us. They were facing Brady and the Pats in both Super Bowls. Remember those who scoffed at Eli, thought he was never going to be anywhere near as good as his brother? He now has more Super Bowls than his brother. I bring this up because public opinion doesn’t matter, UNLESS you keep hearing and reading it and start to believe it over hard work and passion. The Giants played like champs when it counted. This Jet team is capable of doing that. But if they listened to their own pessimistic fans and negative-agenda reporters, our ship is sunk. I agree with Holmes... the media IS out to destroy this team and should report the positive OVER the negative like MOST teams get covered in their home towns. And half the fans seem to be in the same boat of tearing down every thing this team does and wanting to blow it up, owner included.

    - 2008: Chad got fragile and Miami got one last good year out of him before he finally busted completely. Good for them, but we were going to win the division and have home playoff games if Brett didn't get hurt, while Chad probably would've been broken in half, not just a torn muscle in his arm, if he stayed here. I'm not sure a healthy Kellen Clemens was going to be superior to a bum-winged Favre. Maybe he should've been allowed to at least try, even if Brett started and Kellen spelled him. And who was also partially responsible for that meltdown?! How about Scotty drawing up a million pass plays for a wounded QB? Much like 2011 and our wounded Sanchez with little pass protection?

    - 2012: Mark has the tools, just needs a little time to read the field (AKA some blockers, please?), a good offensive system (thank God that Shotty is gone, hope Sporano works out for us), and receivers getting open and catching balls. Bringing in Tebow to supplement the O with some wildcat-esque plays and be a backup QB (something we hadn't really had in a few years now), isn't about PSLs, it's about doing your best to help the team win.

    Wins bring in more people's butts in seats than one player that people are enamored with. I can't believe people actually think Woody does not want the Jets to win and ONLY wants to sell seats. The guy is intelligent, successful, and bleeds green and white, I can see that. It amazes me how many fans dislike him so strongly and believe he does not care about wins and just wants to make money, Nonsense. This club is not the LA Clippers.
    Thank you....

    This post is right on point!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetfan16 View Post
    What law says he has to stay retired? He's over a year removed from his latest rotator cuff surgery, that's a lifetime for Chad and his surgeries, so why not sign the beast up?
    If Sanchez gets benched for Tebow as many predict, and then Tebow fails as many predict, I see a healthy 36 year-old Chad Pennington as a legitimate option! He and Sparano have a nice history together.

    or...Chad Pennington should be asked to sign a 1-day contract and retire a NY Jet!

    No player over the last decade exuded more passion for his team. Sure, he ended his career as a Miami Dolphin but that was not his choice. I think the front office should bring #10 back and give him a proper retirement.
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