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Thread: Did you feel sorry for Ocho Stinko

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    Won't say that one way or the other it was right or wrong, although I think they could have let all the facts present themselves before making a decision.
    I will say, I am glad for having Rex because the Fins H/C make even Billy Boy up in NE look like the life of the party!

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    ... he's a sack of $h*t ... good for him! ...

    ... wouldn't touch him except to wipe him off the bottom of my shoe ...


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    The only way I would feel bad for him is if his wife is full of crap and is just trying to stick it to him. If they just bumped heads and she is playing it up I really feel for the guy because he has never done anything wrong before.

    Now if he did head butt her than screw him. He gets what he gets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Crable View Post
    It's going to be tough sledding for him from here on out.

    He'll be broke by the age of 40, having burned through $50 million or so that he made as a player. He can't play any more, so he'll be forced to either box other washed-up celebrities for $5,000 a fight, or do some sort of reality show with other washed up celebrities like Danny Bonaducci or Todd Bridges are doing now.

    I wish him well, but there is actually a small part of me that feels sorry for him.
    if you knew anything about Chad Johnson the man and not what you assume based on Chad Johnson the wide receiver on Sundays, you would know that none of this is going to be the case at all.


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