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Thread: Jets Have Interception Filled Practice 08/15

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whichfan View Post

    If you don't get that, then you should learn. You can shut your mind off to anything logical, ignore everything being explained, and keep repeating that Tebow is a scrub, but that doesn't mean you are right and that's the only acceptable explanation.
    Oh, so we're going to learn from a Tebow-teabag fan? YOU'RE going to teach us?

    You are so full of man-love for Tebow all you throw out are some of the silliest and non-comprehensible crap about the guy.

    Get it through your head--you are not changing people's opinions of the guy with a DWC-like 1000 word essay on your idiotic spin on why the guy was traded from possibly the greatest situation for HIM and his TEAM (the Broncos) in the entire NFL.

    You gotta stop trying to convince folks here you know what you are talking about.

    You have your opinion, we get it, you love Tebow.

    Stop the BS.


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    tebow's jets vs the patriots.. which team is whichfan rooting for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shevys View Post
    Are you going to tell me it wasn't the offensive line that nearly got Sanchez killed against the Ravens? The beating he took that game, it was a miracle he could walk afterwards.
    If the OL blocked AT ALL, we could've won that game. It was amazing we were in it considering how bad they played, but the D kept us within reason. And I though Sanchez was going to get crippled. We are lucky he survived it.

    Again, hyperbole abounds. Both these guys are young. Both of them can have great, average, or sub-par careers ahead. Yet, all I see are the extremes of, "For sure Tebow is great / Tebow is sucketh!" and all the, "For sure Sanchez is great / Sanchez is sucketh!"

    - Sanchez needs an OL who can block so that he can make decisions and throw the ball without pass rushers in his grill and WRs who can stay healthy and catch the ball. He has grown in each of his years, but that OC's play calling and OL's inability to block really let the whole team down last year. Mark has proven that his accuracy and ball-handling suffer when he gets pressured and hit a lot (an... um, can you name me QBs who DON'T make mistakes when pressured and hit a lot?). The man is also a hard worker and will doubtlessly improve, as we have seen since he's been in the league. The jury is still out on where his career will go, but he has what it takes.

    - Tebow is already an outstanding runner and a playmaker. Not everyone is a playmaker, he can excite the crowd, inspire the team, and put points on the board unconventionally. The man clearly also has issues with consistently accurate throws, which many say is a mechanical problem, but also decision making. The man is also a hard worker and will doubtlessly improve.

    The way I see it, we have two young guns that can either succeed or fail. Why not support them and cheer for them? Why not hope, whoever's out there, that they can take us to where we all want to go? And why must it be either Sanchez OR Tebow? With Tebow's skill set and his current lack of a consistent passing arm, he can be utilized while Mark is on the field. The kid is an upper-echelon athlete and a winner.

    And, of course, us Jets fans have to divide and fight amongst ourselves. Other team MBs probably fight more over what competitors they hate the most, we fight over what Jet and what Jet fan we hate the most. Sheesh. Can we cheer for both?

    Then again, I cheered for Schitty to fail and get fired, even if it meant missing the playoffs once it became apparent that his play calling was hamstringing our offense for years now, so even I got caught in it. But I want this team to win a Super Bowl, and will support the players and coaches unless it becomes absolutely apparent that we'd be better off with someone else (Schotty is the only one I can say that about of late). Can't blame this franchise for drafting a highly-touted college QB and trading for a young pro with elite playmaking athleticism that can also play some QB. The infighting, and the media and fan retorts, are quite silly.

    Can't wait to see this team play this year out. There are going to be a lot of naysayers proven wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NY's stepchild View Post
    For sure SOJFs would have cut Rodgers, Eli, Brady, Brees, and even Peyton.
    I've been saying that for years.

    BTW, I expect the D to get the upper hand in practice more often than not... they are supposed to be one of the best in the NFL. We NEED them to get pressures, hits and picks against offenses better than ours in order to win this year.

    The O, I need to see against OTHER TEAMS. I didn't like what I saw against the Bengals (although it looked like they bliztzed every play, but we should probably expect that from EVERY team this season). We'll see if it's better against the Giants. But even so... it is still preseason. But I want to see consistency and an ability to put points on the board at the very least. The O needs to build confidence,


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