You just can't look at it like that. When was the last time an 8-8 record was good enough to win the AFC East? We're talking about a division that has had at least one first-ballot HOF QB leading his team since the early 80s. Tebow-ball wouldn't have gotten it done in the East in any year since '83.

I'd argue that the Jets' (convincing) victory over the Pats just two years ago was far more meaningful than Tebow stealing a wildcard game against the Steelers.

Bottom line, you have to want more for your team than what you saw from Tebow last year, if you expect to go far in the postseason. Do you know how many games the Broncos won by more than one score last year after Tebow took over? If you get to 2, you counted too high.
Well............................. you are assuming that Tebows 1st 16 starts is the ceiling he has as a qb. Im in the camp that that was just the beginning and the guy can get better.

What I have seen is almost 60 starts from Sanchez. Thats enough for me to know what I am getting. Which is an ok qb at best.

I would like to see Tebows 16-32 starts in a NYJ uniform. And I will make another determination after that.