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Thread: This is going to be a LONG season

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsFanatic View Post
    It is preseason don't jump off a bridge yet. The defense looks good, the Giants first team offense did not score a TD.

    Also you cannot pick on play calls during the preseason. Hopefully we will get Holmes, Kurley and Schilenz back next week against Carolina to get a better idea of our offense.
    not sure if u read any of my other post but I still think there's hope but from the looks of it ... Just the mindset

    - lets bully teams around with this O Line <not with these guys

    - We're gonna run the ball as much as we have to <our RB's are terrible & show no improvement

    - we're going to take shots downfield <if ur not taking shots downfield when it DOESN'T count when the hell will u take them?

    I mean these are 3 things Tony was supposed to bring to the O and Rex was excited about this year. I know its ONLY pre-season but those signs aren't even there. This core may not be fit for this system. We're not deep at O Line, our receivers aren't that good, we don't have a top 20RB on our roster, .... I just don't see how these things can be fixed. Sanchez can have a monster season in him but if the protection isn't there he won't be able to show it and if the running game isn't there this system isn't going to help Sanchez at all throw the ball downfield. With this team right right now .... they're stuck in a system offensively from player 1 to 11 ... where the system doesn't benefit them best. If all fails and the defense is playing lights out and we're 1-4 or something Tebow is going to take over and the sad part about it is ... it won't be Sanchez's fault. We'll just need some gimmick offense to help us save face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsFanatic View Post
    I also was going to bring up 1992 when we looked like would beaters during the preseason, only to go 4-12 during the regular season.

    You and I have age bro, we tend to look at things differently then the younger generations.
    Don't forget the 2008 lions.. Undefeated preseason!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianNY View Post
    Don't forget the 2008 lions.. Undefeated preseason!
    nobody is concerned about dominating in the pre season ... its about showing signs that have people concerned. I don't know why anybody would bring up age and history in this conversation lol. I clearly said that if lost against the Giants by 40 and turned it over the first 4 possessions I wouldn't be concerned if we showed that we can dominate up front, protect sanchez and we're willing to take shots downfield. Nobody is focused on the score here guys ... Its the telling signs that we're at least developing a foundation of where we want to be. All the awesome training camp updates for the first 2 pre season games to look like that? I'm strictly talking on the offensive side. Rex sitting there "we're dominating up front" ... "we're gonna push some people around up front"


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