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Thread: Aside from that one throw Sanchez looked excellent

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB1089 View Post
    I still maintain that criticisms of Sanchez holding onto the ball too long (talking only about the Giants game) would be more valid if the pressure was the result of the defense sending extra men, and not from a 4 man rush.

    When the defense only sends 4 guys, the quarterback usually has all day to find someone. It's supposed to be really hard to get pressure with 4 guys. When we send 4 guys, that's when Brady stands back there for 7 seconds as we scream our heads off waiting for someone to get near him.

    When you have less than 3 seconds to beat 7-man coverage, that's a difficult task. When you have less than 3 seconds to beat 7-man coverage and you don't have a single receiver that would be top 3 on any NFL team's depth chart: Now you're facing a near-impossible task. Unless you're going to do what Sanchez was doing for most of the game, and take the dumpoff.

    Ummmm how come people don't get this!!!

    It is amazing!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Brown View Post

    Ummmm how come people don't get this!!!

    It is amazing!!!
    Well, it's because they are looking at last year's Sanchez compiled with everything else going on. It isn't easy looking at the jets objectly right now. From Hunter, Tebow, WR, safety and QB questions the sky is falling for many fans. I was disappointed in Saturdays performance as well since there wasn't much of an improvement from Friday's performance. I hope there is something different in the next game.

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    "Aside from that one play"

    That statement is completely absurd. EVERY throw counts. ALL of them. You can't separate them out and think Sanchez did a great job.

    Sanchez's numbers from Saturday night SUCKED and it was because of the OL. The bottom line was Sanchez NEVER had an opportunity to throw the ball down the field because he was too worried about getting clobbered - in a PRESEASON game of all things!

    This dink and dunk sh*t is not what Jets fans have signed up for. I don't believe it's what the Jets CS has signed up for.

    But the ONLY way that style of offense changes is if they get repairs along the OL.


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