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Thread: Is Tebow taking over inevitable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by srobjets View Post
    Sanchez will be road kill. Tebow will have to start. When he fails then they will start the only real qb we have.
    Greg McEl-RAT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vin View Post
    Greg McEl-RAT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny Testaverde's Niece View Post
    They didn't give him an extension until after they thought they had exhausted all their alternatives. Oh here Mark, yeah we tried to get Manning but he turned us down so here's an extension to make up for hurting your fee fees. They had no idea Tebow would become available. If he hadn't, they would have spent the pick/money on a RT. Instead, they got Tebow.
    Jenna Bush is not even watching. She doesn't care. And neither do we.


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