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Thread: Realistically, How Concerned Are You?

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    I am at a 5 with most of it coming from Wayne Hunter.

    It is preseason. If we went 4-0 like the Rams did recently it means nothing just as if we go 0-4 it means nothing.

    Despite what all the fanaticals want, we will not be showing the league our best plays in the preseason so that they can game plan for them come the REAL season. This means that when it is 2nd and long or 3rd and long we are NOT going to call the plays that we would in the regular season to get the first down. They are TOO IMPORTANT for us to do that.

    As for Sanchez, anyone who says they see no improvement are chicken littles who haven't been paying attention. As opposed to last year, his passes have had much more zip, he has been getting them out quicker, and for the most part they have been right on target.

    As for his pocket presence, I studied his drop backs last year. Last year he would routinely shift either left, right or back when feeling pressure. Many times there would be an open pocket if he only moved up. This year, he has almost always shifted up into the pocket, he has avoided at least 5 sacks doing this and when he does get sacked it is usually of the drag-down variety as opposed to the helmet crushing the middle of the back plays he was suffering last year.

    When the real season starts and we have real WR's and hopefully a RT who doesn't have his head COMPLETELY shoved up his ass I think we will be ok. AND REMEMBER we knew it was going to take some time for this offense to gel, it is a NEW OFFENSE. But like always the fanaticals want perfection NOW screw that the preseason is for learning! It is better to score 0 TD's in the preseason than 0 TD's in the regular season. The truth is noone on this board knows how the O will perform once the big lights come on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradis View Post
    I'd say 7. I'm not so much worried as I am convinced we're 8-8 bound.

    Accept the following;

    --we don't have a franchise QB.

    --poor depth at WR & RB

    --Right side of the Oline is insufferably weak

    Anything we do on offense this year will be fabricated (not natural) and be wholly unreliable to replicate on a week-to-week basis.
    Lmao at depth we don't have the starting quality RB nor a #1 WR.

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    Based on the current 1st team results I am very concerned and it's all on the Offensive side of the ball.. At around an 8...

    We're gonna lose 10 games if we can't score TD's.

    • A Ground and Pound game plan with an OL that hasn't been able to get push up front. Getting 2 or 3 YPC ain't gonna cut it.
    • A QB-WR tandem that needs time to create separation to make decent completions with an OL that hasn't been able to give them time.

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    I'd say a 9. And outside of Holmes coming back, I don't see a lot that will change the situation.

    Preseason records don't mean anything. But preseason play does. And the Jets offense is as bad as last year, if not worse. Leaky RT, pedestrian running game, no WR.

    But worst of all is the QB play. Sanchez looks like a deer in the headlights out there. He holds the ball too long. Too many checkdowns. His decision making under pressure is questionable. It's his 4th year and he should be much better.

    No matter how good the defense is, if it's constant 3 and outs, the D will get worn down. Without sustained drives even a strong D will eventually fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoop24 View Post
    Lmao at depth we don't have the starting quality RB nor a #1 WR.
    Ya, I was trying to be a little less crass. JI's seen enough of that.

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    Very very concerned and surprised at how awful we are but I shouldn;t be. I hated the sparano hire and couldn't believe we did not at least go after a vet who could hold the fort at RT. 'Believing' in Hunter is going to deep six this team.

    Simply the jets seem to totally over value some players on this team.

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    7 on the panic meter. Even our special teams have been a bit shaky and they have played pretty good in the past even though last year was a down year for them too.

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    If offense and defense accounted for 50% each, I'd say 5 but because of the context (nearly every position on offense has question marks and who knows if and when our starters will all be on the field together and can we can score a touchdown- along with how it's becoming more difficult for defensive powerhouses with average offenses to succeed in the playoffs), I'm getting humble and would say no less than an 8.5, probably a 9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunnie View Post
    We are the Ravens during the Dilfer years ... I am starting to think Tebow might not be the worst option. I pray we find a RT that can play in the next couple weeks.
    How concerned am I ? on a scale of 1-10? 20.

    We are NOT the Baltimore Ravens SB winning defense, not by a long shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthTown View Post
    The OL is THE PROBLEM. Without question.

    Question is: Why the **** didn't Tanny and Rex-tard get this corrected/upgraded/fixed in the offseason? That's the problem. The blame is falling squarely on their shoulders.
    Because it would interfere with their plan of putting Tebow in around Game 5.

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    My concern is N/A. Not Applicable.

    Why? Because I'll wait until the 1st game to see how things are before making known whether I have a concern or not.....It's too damn early to start running around like a head-less chicken.

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    Ehhh I'd say 5.

    One more showing like this from Hunter and Howard will be starting. Won't be much better but it atleast it won't be Hunter out there.

    Still have to say how well the Wildcat will work in situations and how healthy guys will stay like Holmes, Schilens, and Kerley.

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    I see an offense that will struggle. Hoping for a miracle.

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    Bottom Line we Suck with both lips...
    plain and simple..

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    Don't have a number, just know Hunter is a big problem. Defense will be really good though.

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