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Thread: Tebow is a good guy but a lousy QB. We dont need him.

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    Tebow is a good guy but a lousy QB. We dont need him.

    Boomer is right, cut him. He isnt going to add anything to the team, Im now convinced his signing was for headlines and ESPN coverage. We had a real backup QB signed and then we HAD to go get Tebow? How does this make any sense while we totally ignored the fact that out right tackle isnt like a rusty gate, hes like a new well oiled gate, east to move and get out of your wat. But our powers that be decide we need a guy that plays QB but cant throw(5 of 14) and missed a WR that was as open as youll ever see a Jet WR, is known more for his religeous beliefs then his accuracy and can only really run the ball. And the reason we get him is that he is PERFECT to run the wildcat. Does anyone really think a gimmick offense is going to win a championship? Tebow is gonna cost Tanny his job and maybe thats the only positive of signing this sideshow. Rex wake up you may be next. The defense will turn on the Offense by week 5. Cmon ya got 2 weeks to fix this mess

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    It's hilarious how everyone thinks that Sanchez blows Tebow out of the water.

    Neither is a franchise QB and neither one ever will be.


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