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Thread: This team needs a legitimate back-up QB

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    Quote Originally Posted by JStokes View Post
    There was no bait to take, was just stating my actual opinion, and I respect you have a different opinion--and based upon your agenda here, I'm not surprised.

    The INT last week was an AWFUL throw--you want to say it was a "bad decision", then that's just semantics. To say he threw a PERFECT spiral directly to a defender with the receiver 5 yards behind him as just a "bad decision" but a good pass is just silly.
    WRT the INT against the Bengals, you say that I'm arguing semantics. That's not even close to being the case. When I say "It was a good pass", I'm talking specifically about the mechanics and form of the throw. It's not even an attempt to defend Tebow or to try and find a silver lining. Tebow screwed up on that one. No two ways about it. Nothing there to argue.

    BUT, the question is, what did he screw up on ? That's "analysis". Break the thing down, see what went right and what went wrong. This makes even more sense when a person's "mechanics" have been an issue. On that interception, the ball went exactly where Tebow wanted it to go. It had nice spin and velocity. From a "mechanics" standpoint, the throw itself was just fine.

    And you've said that the blame for some of Tebow's throws are as a result of his "changing his mechanics" but where is this coming from? What's changed? What is changing? The windmill is still there on basically every throw.
    His motion is more compact than it was last year. Ball is coming out quicker. Also has a higher release point. It's not "textbook, perfect mechanics", but it's a noticeable improvement. Also, his footwork is better as well.

    We've heard from you and "many" experts (some dead) that his mechanics are easily fixable, can be fixed, might be fixed, need to be fixed, but he's been throwing this way probably since 10th grade--at what point do the mechanics get fixed?
    Actually, most NFL QBs continue to perfect their mechanics throughout their entire career. For now, with Tebow, the goal is to be consistent and get the ball out faster and on target. That's what he has done so far. I'd gather that as time goes along, they'll work on improving precision and accuracy. I'm sure that they'll also work on "touch". Question is at what point has he "fixed" his enough to be an effective passer, as far as mechanics are concerned.

    A couple of overthrows "probably because of bad footwork"?

    A hurried throw after a "bad snap"?

    A "cross the body throw" that was a "little short"?

    So, these are all fixable things, right? It's not possible that he just can't throw, right?

    Just tweak the mechanics a bit and--boom--NFL ready thrower?
    Actually, each one of those are fixable. On the one swing pass he overthrew to the Josh Baker, it was a back foot throw for no apparent reason. I mean, his right foot was completely off the ground. Am sure that they'll see that on the tape and work to fix it.

    Hurried throws on bad snaps happen. It's something else that can be worked on through practice and repetitions. Take about 50 or 100 high snaps and try to get the ball out quickly and on target.

    On the "across the body, back footed throw", either focus on trying to stop and set your feet, or understand how much it affects your throw and adjust for it as the situations won't always allow for "perfect" footwork.

    And yes, all of the above can be addressed with good coaching and practice.

    Quote Originally Posted by JStokes View Post
    Not necessary, it's just my opinion, you don't need to whack my post up into 20 bits and respond in red where you vehemently disagree.
    Managed to lay off the red, but yeah, I replied point by point.

    We get it, you think Tebow is improving, can improve more, you'll sprinkle in some quotes or tweets by recognized experts that assert Tebow absolutely can be fixed.

    I'm just watching the guy- he can't throw. The excuses don't change the facts.


    Sure, I can post a link to HoF'er Steve Young who now insists that Tebow can be a good NFL QB and that his problems are fixable. Or, I could link to Jim Fassel who says much the same. Or Ron Jaworski, who earlier in camp said that Tebow's mechanics have definitely improved.

    And I disagree with your contention that he can't throw. He did just fine throwing the ball against Cincy and most of his passes against the Giants looked fine as well. There were a couple that were bad passes, but as I said above, those are coachable, learning moments.

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    How long does it take before people stop with the I hate Tebow or Sanchez nonsense?

    Who cares about the back up QB? If the starter goes down most teams are screwed. At least our backup may help us win vis the wild cat


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