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Thread: Is it really that bad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by george jetfan from miami View Post
    Umm like Miami and Buffalo twice, Indy, Jacksonville, St.Louis,Tenn and Arizona? That's nine right there! lol
    Our first HOMER sighting post Saturday.

    George...luv the passion but we suck.

    We have no offense.... Average D, please, spare me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB1089 View Post
    In preseason, when there is no gameplanning to obfuscate things, talent carries the day.

    We're not a talented football team on offense. We need to have something schemed up in order to put points on the board. Our guys can't just go out on the field and beat the man across from them.

    Greene vs. a LB is a loss for us. Same goes for Turner, Hill, and White when matched up with NFL-caliber starting corners (Hill should be able to beat guys with his deep speed, but he still has a lot to work on).

    Keller has an edge on LBs. Matchups with safeties are close to a draw.

    Holmes is the only guy that is going to consistently beat his man, and he hasn't been on the field. Come regular season, teams will be putting 2 guys on him, and that's not a matchup that he's going to win.
    The other thing looking at the TC schedule there are only a couple of practices open to the public (all this week) before Week 1...So...The Jets still have plenty of "closed" practices to work out the kinks...Will that help the OL? Guess we'll see...And people need to remember the Jets have yet to run the WC once...You think that would be the case if it was a regular season game? Far from it
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    It's not that they're losing. Nobody really cares about the results in a pre-season game.

    It's HOW they're losing and more importantly how they have not scored a TD in 8 quarters, 3 for the first team offense. That's really a bad sign since their vanilla offense is going up against a vanilla D.

    No scheming works both ways. What makes you think once Sparano starts making up game-plans that the QBs will stop getting sacked and throwing INTs, that the OL will learn how to open a hole, that the WRs will get open, that they will stop having stupid penalties? See what I mean?

    These are fundamental problems with the offense and they're by and large the same problems that have existed for a couple of years.

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    It's really that bad because we lost an entire season LAST YEAR because we couldn't protect Sanchez with Hunter being the main culprit.

    We are well on our way to losing another season because we can't protect for Sanchez with Hunter remaining as the main culprit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southparkcpa View Post
    Our first HOMER sighting post Saturday.

    George...luv the passion but we suck.

    We have no offense.... Average D, please, spare me.
    Excuse me? Avg D ? What game were you watching? They played awesome on D. A top 3 D without a doubt this year and for another 10 years to come. This Jets team is very young so lets not get down in the dumps. In 2 to 3 years they should be winning the division every year. The offense obviously has a few problems right now but I know they didn't show much until that drive when sanchez threw the pick. They all of a sudden started looking good and you could see they opened up the playbook and wanted to take the lead 7-6 then OOPS! Sanchez had a brain fart and that was that. I am sure we will see more plays like that when we play Carolina next week. Lets hope Santonio and Kerley are back for that one. I do agree we have to get a RT ASAP. It is just too ugly to watch guys just run right by Hunter. No wonder Sanchez struggles.


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