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Thread: 23 Possessions - 9 points

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    23 Possessions - 9 points

    Andrew Luck completed 16-of-25 passes for 175 yards and two interceptions in the Colts' second preseason game Sunday night against the Steelers.
    He also scored a goal-line touchdown on a keeper. Luck's final stat line is a poor indicator of how he played against Pittsburgh. He bounced back from a third-drive pick-six to Ike Taylor to lead three scoring drives, the first two ending in touchdowns and the third a field goal. Luck is already a top-15 NFL quarterback. Through two preseason games, he's quarterbacked 11 possessions and produced 38 points for the Colts. Meanwhile, the Jets as a team have had 23 offensive possessions in the preseason. They've scored nine points.
    Aug 19 - 10:03 PM

    This was posted regarding Luck... But seems like everyone's taking shots.

    ...and they should be. Pathetic

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    I was about to start a new thread but knowing how some posters around here feel about certain topics i decided to look for an existing topic that could support my rant. Viola,the perfect topic since the player mentioned in this topic has shown what a real QB can do to a struggling team.

    The new york Jets need a real QB far more than they need anything else,and that includes a RT. Don't get it twisted,Mr Hunter is terrible at the position presently and Mr Howard is doing his best learning the position after having spent most of his learning curve at LT. But I digress.

    The problem with this team clearly lies at QB. The starting QB is a blowhard who talks better than he plays.It's the job of the QB to adjust the blocking base on the reads and to adjust the routes to match. Occasionally, players get beat and on those times the QB should be able to hit a hot receiver whereby the team is not always in a negative. Occasionally,the defender is on the QB so quickly that the sack is inevitable as was the case with the sack by Tuck that was nullified by the penalty on Osi.

    The backup QB is not a QB period. Enough Said.

    The 3rd string QB shows the desire,but has some issues (experience,arm strength) that makes him presently more suited to be a backup than a starter. Don't get it twisted, while i may acknowledge the less that ideal arm strength of G. McElroy i maintain that his savy and smarts combined with his desire gives him a fighting chance if he is allowed to develop and get stronger and bigger.

    Let's look at some examples to support this case.The Colts offense couldn't get out of their own way last yr, but thus far in preseason has shown glimpses wit a Rookie to be much improved. In the interest of truth,let it be known that i did not believe that Mr Luck would be as was advertised this quickly. In Detroit, Mr Stafford who came out in the same draft as mr Sanchez is the unquestioned leader of that team. Dispite playing behind an OL that caused him to miss games due to injury from constant battering, Mr Stafford has managed to put up un believeable #. I know fans will say he has Megatron, while Sanchez has ? after ? after ? at receiver.My response is Mr Stafford has little to no running game while Mr Sanchez has been supported with 1 of the strongest rushing attacks over his career.

    The simple fact of the matter is when u trade up for a QB in the top 5 of the 1st round, that Player is supposed to improve the play of everyone around him. To suggest that this caliber of QB needs to be placed in an ideal enviroment implies that said player is not what was hoped for.

    4 Yrs later,and someone else is going to take a bullet for this QB. This time, i hope the right people fall on their sword.

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    Doesn't matter for Rex so long as his D is top 5.

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    Only team in the preseason to not score a TD. Awesome.


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