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Thread: Where do we go after this year? I am panicking

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsfanfromtheBURGH View Post
    I hate this, but I agree with it. I just love having revis on this team, but it's probably best to trade him
    Feel the exact same .... Love Revis ... But 20 mill to a CB ... C'mon man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunnie View Post
    Feel the exact same .... Love Revis ... But 20 mill to a CB ... C'mon man.
    Someone would be willing to give up a crap ton for revis. Good thing the steelers aren't like that. Could you imagine that D???

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    What's needed ASAP is an organizational change beginning with Tannenbaum.

    Tannenbaum was an intern for the Pittsfield Mets during the 1991 season.[3]

    "Cleveland Browns, Tannenbaum worked in the Cleveland Browns' personnel department acting as an assistant under Bill Belichick.[1]

    New Orleans Saints, Tannenbaum worked as an intern in the New Orleans Saints personnel department while he attended law school[1] In 1996, he worked for the team as a player personnel assistant.[1]

    New York Jets, Tannenbaum was hired by the New York Jets on February 19, 1997 as the Director of Player Contract Negotiations. "

    Education, Tannenbaum graduated from Needham High School in Needham, Massachusetts in 1987.[1] He received a degree in accounting and a minor in sports management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.[1] He then graduated cum laude from Tulane University Law School where he earned his certificate in sports law.[1]


    Tannenbaum's douche bag contract tactics have done nothing but divide players against the org, not unlike losing the locker room.

    I'm sure the Belli**** connection is all that Woody read on his resume.

    Hopefully Woody realizes sooner than later that Tann isn't qualified to draft or manage an offense, nor is Rex.

    The bad part is I don't see Jim Harbaugh becoming available between now and then.
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    Another SOJF convention thread?

    Why not just keep one going?

    Talk about selfish overpaid divisive players, Revis wheeled for some other teams draft will cure whatever ails "us"


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