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Thread: Look troll we know we need a Right Tackle ... GENIUS

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    They had chances to draft players at these positions and took 2 DE/DT guys and 3rd CB in the 1st round the past 3 years.

    Really, they haven't gotten much return on the investment of 1st round picks since Revis in 2007.


    Mo and Q look good and it's still early in everyone's career but there are no slam dunks there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choon328 View Post
    Knowing that you have a need is not the same thing as trying to fill that need. It's a lot easier to sit behind a desk in your underwear and talk about the issues on the team then it is to actually try to fix the team. I think they went into the off-season with a very limited amount of money compared to the majority of the teams in this league knowing they could only improve a certain number of spots through free agency. My opinion is that they believed that improving the safety play and improving the defense as a whole would help them win more games then bringing Winston in and leaving a hole in the back end of the defense. With a top 5 defense the offense just has to be mediocre, with a defense in the middle of the pack the offense would have to be much better, and adding a RT wouldn't have made that much of a difference in making this offense top 10 in the league.

    For me, knowing that we most likely will have a top 5 defense at least gives me hope. The team would be a lot worse overall if we signed a RT rather then the 2 safeties.
    You make a legitimate point. A creative OC could theoretically scheme to adjust to the weaknesses of a subpar RT. There is not much you can do on defense to cover for two bad safeties, which is what we had last season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    Could a Right Tackle have posted this?
    A concussed Right Tackle perhaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choon328 View Post
    I think the point of starting this thread was to say we can discuss other things besides the offensive line. I happen to agree with him. Last thread he started it turned into people mocking him for suggesting that we even discuss the idea of bringing anyone in besides a RT. There are small moves we can make to improve this team, will they be really impactful players? No, but at least they could possibly help shore up other issues on the team. So I welcome any discussion about any portion of the team. The guys who only want to say "Fire Tannenbaum", "We need a RT", "Sanchez Sucks", "I can't believe they guaranteed Bart Scotts contract", "We need WR's", "We need a blocking TE" we get it already. At least there are some people who actually do some research and try to find guys that may help instead of just making a statement and not giving anything else towards their statement. Does it make people feel good to state the obvious? There is nothing we can do about what the front office didn't do in the off-season, move on already.
    thank u and LOL@ Warfish ... i actually chuckled hard at that.

    Anyways we made some valuable upgrads in the off-season with the safeties, drafted Coples, ... lets not forgot Ellis is in year 2, Maybin in year 2 and he was a STEAL and a half, & drafting Stephen Hill (youth and speed). I don't know who called Powell a shifty RB but you must have watched the sped up youtube highlights cause he is not shifty or a take it to the house threat. I don't know who's talking about affording anyone. We can bring anyone in to see if they make the team before the season starts. I didn't say to sign anyone there's a ton of guys out there still available who are coming off an injury and others who other teams aren't looking at right now but have some real potential in area's that we need.


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