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Thread: Are the Jets secretly "rebuilding"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lageman4ever View Post
    I pretty much agree with you that a game-manager is all you really need with a Rex Ryan defense. But the Jets were without a QB after 2008.

    I checked and Kyle Boller was available - a turnover machine. Rex Grossman, JP Losman, Byron Lefwich. It would have been one of those types of guys. And none are that appealing. So it's tough to be too critical of them going for a 1st round QB choice.

    I think what you can criticize the team for is the ridiculous extension they gave Sanchez this off-season. The guaranteed money is insane for a guy who still hasn't proven himself.
    Hmmm that contract is essentially for this year and next. It was a lowered cap hit for this year and obviously next year is added money. But the extension is essential fluff after that. Assuming he doesn't perform it gives us the opportunity to draft a replacement and have him learn a year on the bench.

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    rebuilding the jets.

    if the jets are really rebuilding.if this season turns out to be a debacle.then if the jets post a horrendous 4 and 12 record.they should look to draft the most important position.THE QUARTERBACK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtstar View Post
    Ducasse? are you crazy?? might as well have said Gholston

    no, i was talking about guys like Cro, Slauson, Greene, Keller, DeVito. they're all part of the team's core and i'm betting most (if not all) will be around in 2013.
    I don't see Keller staying, he will be pricey at over 5 mill easy. Greene it depends on what kind of a year he has, if it is like 2011 you figure he will get more than Ben Jarvis Green Ellis who got 3.5 mill. I am hoping to see DeVito
    back home on the cape next year.
    With Slauson, Moore and hunter all "FA" I agree that Slauson will most likely be retained.

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    Can't sit around and pay guys like Revis, D'Brick, Mangold, Harris to wait while we "rebuild". Those guys are in their primes. We put together the best team we can for this year and go to war now!


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