I think an O line with five slightly above average linemen is better than have three probowlers and a turnstile right tackle.

The reality is yes, Mark Sanchez is nothing special but if he is facing constant break downs it affects his mechanics, how he sees the field ... like any qb he starts anticipating the breakdown in protection , getting skittish and inaccurate instead of seeing the field clearly and making decisions.
Bit. you say he should be decisive and throw it up there. To who ? There is no Megatron for Mark Sanchez to throw the ball up there and expect him to come down with it. Santonio Holmes was proven to be nothing special without a legitimate target opposite him. Combine that with a collapsing pocket is a recipe for disaster.

We have seen great quarterbacks look like trash when they are under constant pressure. In the 2010 divisional playoff win over New England, Brady got sacked five times, enough to ironically secure Shaun Ellis a contract with the Patriots the following year.

Sanchez was effective in that game, he had good protection in the pocket and two legitimate threats at wr. Without an solid line and legitimate options at wide receiver, Sanchez looks less than ordinary.

This pressure on the jets QB has been going on since September 2011 and it's getting old.