As I look around this board, most threads are talking about (and rightfully so) our offense and how it looks, for lack of better words, miserable.
But I guess something that gets lost in this is our defense. Yes, the other side of the ball.

If we can make assumptions about our offense and how bad it is going to be judging by two preseason games, then I guess it's only fair to start talking about how good the defense will be. The starting offense may have yet to score a touchdown, but the starting D has yet to allow any kind of TD in the preseason, which I believe is something important to note.

Now I understand that holding Andy Dalton to a 60 qb rating, holding AJ Green to no catches and holding BGE to 3 yards rushing per attempt is nothing to hang your hats on. I think its important to note that they didn't have any game planning, but neither did we. Considering that Andy Dalton went on the next week to have a 110 qb rating, and AJ Green 60 yards and a TD, I believe thats a reflection on us, how good of a defense we can be.

Everyone likes to talk about how the Giants D pretty much made our offense obsolete, but no one is talking about how OUR defense made them almost non-existant. For anyone who watched the game, the only drive the Giants really had was after the penalty on the punt, AFTER we gave them a three-and-out on their opening drive.

I believe our true test to see how our defense will be is when we play Carolina next week. If the Jets have one true kryptonite it is mobile quarterbacks, and Cam Newton is one of the best emerging ones. We let Tebow run down us with 2 minutes left and looked stupid against Mike Vick last year, so I'm interested in seeing how we fare up against Cam.

Now I am no homer by any means, I know our offense is a TRUE work in progress, and it will only get better (like that is saying anything). But if we can make presumptions about our season judging by our offense, and can also do the same about our defense which is a positive. All in All, the main point of this thread is to try and take some heat off the offense, and give some praise to the defense for some great play the past two weeks.