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Thread: There were other offers for LI practice

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    There were other offers for LI practice

    The practice at Hofstra was cancelled due to preparations for the debate but the Jets spurned at least two other offers to practice in front of the fans that supported them for over 40 years. Stony Brook University offered their facilities and they were rebuffed. Also, a friend who works for Nassau County told me that the Jets were contacted about using Mitchell Field (next door to Hofstra) but they declined.


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    The Hofstra ship has sailed.....

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    So? Drive to Met Life and watch them tonight.

    Or drive to F Park and watch them.

    Like I did when I used to drive to Hofstra to watch them

    When the Giants left FDU and moved camp up to Albany did the NJ fanbase whine that the Giants left them high and dry?

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    What I found ironic was the comment in Cimini's blog that the Jets were no too sad that the practice was cancelled because they dislike the travel to Hofstra.

    Ummm. For one night when you're in a chauffeured bus it's inconvenient? How about the LI fans expected to travel to 10 games?
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