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Thread: Looking for the silver lining...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaJets View Post
    not trying to be a homer (god forbid), but just trying to point out a few things after the TWO PRESEASON (!!!!) games.

    1) No points in preseason is a big deal? a lot of 3 and outs? how many times did this offense go 2-3 quarters without scoring the past 3 years? how many 3 and outs? plenty. how many other first-team offenses have been struggling this preseason? more than a handful, check it out. eagles? Broncos? Giants? Chargers? Packers? their first teams aren't lighting up the scoreboard.

    2) Sanchez has played less than 3 quarters with WRs who are as green as they come. How can you get into a rythm with guys who are playing in their first ever NFL games? Holmes/kerley, will they help? Of course they will help. Not for 30 ppg, but if you don't think they will help ... well that's just silly.

    3) I have been watching these first two games over and over and there is no way this is Sparano's offense. no way. the jets have basically ran 5-6 plays of the playbook. they are using tebow as a traditional backup QB, get the reps and practice throwing. no called runs. no read option. no wildcat. nothing. Sanchez has missed a few downfield, but he just needs to air it out. but this O has been vanilla as it gets. it's kind of disturbing all the experts in the media haven't noticed this ... unless they don't watch the film like they say they do (I don't think they do).

    4) running game is getting a decent push up front. Greene has shown some flashes. if the jets were playing in a real game, they would stick to what was working. but it's preseason, you work on everything. maybe in game 3 if they are moving the ball running, they stick with it for the drive. get that TD. remember, the running game is going to be the focal point of the offense. It's the same OL as last year that, once the Jets committed to the run and got Mangold healthy, was running the ball at a 4.5 ypc clip.

    5) ok, Hunter blows, yes. the sacks are disturbing. and he might not be starting by week 1. but you play the preseason games to see what doesn't work. then you gameplan to put that guy in spots with as little pressure as possible. you get creative like OCs are supposed to. it happens every game in the NFL.

    6) The first team D is looking very good. top 5 good. first team has not given up a TD. there aren't many teams that can say that this preseason.

    I'm not happy with the play so far, but I also understand it's TWO PRESEASON GAMES! the backups have played more than the starters. it's a new offense. they are running simple, basic calls. it's takes a little time. things will get going. I am just tired of hearing how the Jets season is over after 2 preseason games. just blows my mind.
    Nice post ... I agree with most of your points. Not to be a debbie downer ... but I have heard a lot of reports and been to camp and witnessed a ridiculous number of dropped balls. Just sayin' .... our wrs need to improve here.

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    ... good post ...

    #5 should be left after "Hunter blows yes, and needs to be replaced" ... otherwise can agree with most of what you say

    love what we've seen out of landry ... stay on that field brother!


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    To all you Hunter apologists...

    I hear things like, "Pre-season doesn't count, We'll be better when our receivers come back, We're not game planning" etc, etc etc.

    Most of you are missing the most important point: None of that will matter if Sanchez is seriosly injured in the preseason.

    THAT is why this kind of pre-season play is unacceptable!

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    We could be the bengals with players dropping left and right.
    We have won in the preseason before and it did not translate into success in the regular season.
    Do we need some upgrades? Yes, Rt is no surprise.
    Did the browns(2-0) beat the packers(0-2) 35-10 last week? Yes
    Did Jacksonville(2-0) beat the saints(1-2) last week? yes
    Does that mean the browns and jacksonville will be any good regular season? no
    Does that mean the saints and packers are going to suck? no

    Yes the early results are not encouraging, other then our d, but wait till the season starts before jumping off the bridge.
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