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I think we are more of a laughingstock because of the sideshow that goes on.

- the hilarious draft day reactions from Jets fans
- drafting scrubs over HOF players
- the way Jets fans act when they show them on TV (showing fireman Ed on TV is not a compliment to our fan base)
- whenever they show a fan on tv with a Jets jersey on, it's typically an overweight guy who sounds like an idiot when given the chance to speak
- Brett Favre penis pics
- Woody Johnson
- Rex Ryan

Hard Knocks didn't help the perception if us being a joke franchise either.

I admit that Jet's fans public behavior does make me cringe sometimes.
Rex's behavior is also a little undignified. Woody is ok. Certainly a lot better than some owners.
As far as the draft? Some good, some bad. But it seems that every draftee is annointed as the next "Best of all time". There are only two excellent players on the Jets - Revis and Mangold. Very goods would be hard to identify - maybe Brick. The defense works as a cohesive unit with individuals with limited ability. We'll see about Coples before we make him the next Joe Greene.