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Thread: Mike & Mike predict Jets to finish 6-10

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    Quote Originally Posted by auctionking View Post
    You do not have to win pre season games ,but you need to show promise. Last week ,after the Jaquars W/o MJD ran at will against the giants we could not do crap. So it is a vanilla offense.If you have talent you win some battles. Right now I see us fighting against the Cards for number 1.In the draft. Our def. is good but it is not 2009 great,offense even all healthy 10 points a game
    That's because rb don't matter. It's all Oline

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    Quote Originally Posted by ILJETSFAN View Post
    "Famous"? When? 1968? You gotta take the good with the bad...lots of bad. It's the Jets. 'nough said. You cheer on your team no matter who's at QB. Doesn't mean you gotta be happy about it or demand better from ownership and Mngmnt., but you still chear the players on.
    Your right. And I have taken the good with the bad. Been a fan sence 1965, the year Namath was signed. Thats what make's them The Famous Jets! I pull for them no matter what. Did not have the 1st cup of coffee down when I made that post about TT. I was just getting so tired of the negative crap that I got sucked in, lol. I'm chearing them on, looking forward to Sunday! thanks ILJETSFAN.

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    Predictions mean about as much as pre season records lol

    Last year greenie predicted cinci at 2-14 they were 9-7 and 49ers at 7-9 they were 13-3 and philly at 12-4 they were 8-8 and SanDiego at 12-4 they were 8-8 and rams at 9-7 they were 2-14

    It means Diddley!!!

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    who in there right mind listen to these 2 turds. the jets should at least win 12 games based on the easy schedule the have. i stopped listening to ESPN radio years ago


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