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Thread: Uniform power rankings

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    LEt it go, LET IT GO: The cold never bothered me anyway
    Borgo was always the best in these threads.

    Sending out the beacon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdanNJ View Post
    I know, being a die hard jets fan for almost 30's yrs, and not liking where are team is headed and being called a troll. Maybe i just dont drink the green koolaid like all you. Give me a break.
    nice try

    every single thread it's the same shat from you.

    at least Tx and Pats trolls acknowledge that they're not fans of the team.

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    There are very few teams in the NFL whose uniforms I like more than ours... Not a bad rank or analysis though, all things considered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crossfire View Post
    + 1 more. Hate the green with green. Never got it with the Jets, or any other team for that matter. Solid colors together look like D two or High school even.

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    dont know if its be written here, but i heard for the opening home game against buffalo, jets are wearing the 1980's uniforms.


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