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Thread: Tim Tebow will be starter by week...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColonelForbin View Post
    All of this madness disappears as soon as Sanchez fakes a hand off to Greene and hits Holes on a 60 yd bomb against Buffalo. Until that game gets played IDGAS

    Unfortunately, it will be the first td he has thrown in sometime. At least FOR the Jets.

    He does execute a Wicked bootleg tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickBri481 View Post
    So you think Tebow is the long-term answer? Because if we bench Mark for him, that means the Sanchez era is over. .
    They would never "bench" Sanchez. Worst case they would fake an injury so they could bring him back after Teblow stinks the place up far worse than Mark ever could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMikeIsHot View Post
    I really don't think he will start unless Sanchez gets hurt.
    How can he not get hurt with the current OL? The first few games have the toughest defenses, it's like last year with the Ravens opener all over again, then a few more tough defenses guaranteed to hurt Sanchez. Then Tebow will waltz in and be the hero with the easier defense and even if they continue to lose, people will have a reason to tune in, or go to a game - all the mgm't cares about.

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    Let's see what takes place during and after preseason game three and let's give Mark at least game one in regular season before we bash him and insert Tebow! Maybe he will start a game down the line...after our season is in the dumper, but I strongly doubt before that



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