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Thread: One thing that needs to change

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    One thing that needs to change

    I'd love for the league to review helmet to helmet personal fouls.

    I've watched a bunch of games this preseason and in quite a few of them they are calling personal fouls helmet to helmet on plays that were actually clean hits.

    Tonight I'm watching the Bengals/Pack game and Taylor Mays puts a perfectly clean hit on #83 Crabtree. It was a crushing blow but he used all shoulder and never went to the head. They called helmet to helmet 15 yards. It changed the drive and lead to a TD. This is happening way to often now. It's not just the new officials. It was happening last season as well.

    The game is too fast and quick to sometimes see the hit. So now it seems that any crushing blow in the secondary they toss the flag.

    Go to the tape and review those plays because they are drive and sometimes game changing.

    I know so much is being reviewed these days but with all the changes this is only fair. Plus it's a really quick review once you go to the tape to see if they lead with the shoulder to shoulder or if they went to the head.

    IMO this is not a judgement call. Either they went to the head or not.

    Its happening it almost every game.
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