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Thread: Remember when Wayne Hunter beasted when Woody went down?

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    I'm liking the 6 lineman concept though. Hope they try it Sunday so we can see what Sanchez can do with a little time in the pocket.

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    Hunter did get beat by a few blitzing lbs during that regular season and playoff stretch, but overall he was pretty effective and he was a big part of the Jets success.

    I think Faneca was more important than we thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy® View Post
    I think Faneca was more important than we thought.

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    Hunter definitely had some bright moments.

    Face it, the OL lost the '10 AFCC and ended our SB run. One example:

    On 1st & 10 Rob Turner gave up the Woodley sack that created the 3rd & 17.

    Brick snoozed the 3rd & 17 and allowed the Ike Taylor strip-sack-6.

    However, on that fatal play Hunter replaced Turner and completely manhandled Woodley in open field with zero help.


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