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Thread: blog: "GM Mike Tannenbaum's job in jeopardy?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by First DOWN! View Post
    Rex will be thrown under the bus before Tanny's job is in jeopardy. Bank on that.
    I don't know about that. Tanny survived the Mangini firing.

    Hard for a GM to survive the firing of TWO of his HC hires. Historically, there're only 2 options: (1) GM gets fired and HC stays on a 1 yr basis under new GM or (2) GM and HC get fired.

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    Hi job should be in jeopardy! If you look at what he has done with the Offense over the past 2 seasons, that should be enough to get anyone fired!

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    Quote Originally Posted by intelligentjetsfan View Post
    so that would mean he will get to hire his fourth head coach as GM? I just want to know where he is hiding his Super Bowl rings to be able to survive hiring four coaches (over the span of about 12 years) after the first three were fired.
    Tanny has only fired one coach, Mangini. If he fires Rex, his next coach will be his third

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    Quote Originally Posted by jxc View Post
    The guy makes a good point about how the Jets treat struggling players. Whether it's Sanchez or Hunter, publicly stating loyalty and saying everything is fine doesn't help the player or the team. It's almost the same thing as a Super Bowl prediction.

    1. Is there a better place to start than the New York Jets? Oh, and for a spoiler alert, we’re not talking about Tim Tebow right off the bat. So… you might not be interested. But anyway, we’ll talk about the Jets issues at right tackle. What a mess. Wayne Hunter, who the coaches praised all offseason, was benched after two horrific performances in preseason games. Duh. Even he said, “I was waiting for it.” I imagine this makes for a bit of an awkward time for OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo, who said this spring that until they kick him out of the building or “until they shoot me dead in my office, that son of a gun is going to be the starting right tackle and he’s going to play well.” Sounds like none of that is happening. Instead, it’s going to be somebody named Austin Howard from Northern Iowa. Of course, this raises significant questions. I have many of ‘em.

    Like… How can you praise Hunter so publicly and effusively, when you know what he is? That’s not giving him confidence, because he knows what he is, too. He’s a third tackle. Even Hunter, listening to it, had to know it was garbage. I don’t see NFL players responding well — or raising their level of play — with mind games that they know are fake. And this answer, inserting Howard, may help. But it’s not a long-term solution. If Howard was better than Hunter, he’d have been in there in the first place. Remember, there wasn’t a right tackle competition. It was Hunter’s job, until it wasn’t. I asked a high-ranking personnel guy in the league who the Jets could trade for at right tackle. His answer? “No clue.” Me either. There’s no Bryant McKinnie floating around this year, which doesn’t bode well for the Jets. Oh, and one more thing. GM Mike Tannenbaum, who has done an excellent job building the Jets over the past few years, is starting to come under criticism. Guaranteeing Hunter $2.5 million this year doesn’t look good, neither does not targeting a tackle in the draft or free agency. The lack of attention at receiver looks bad, too. Tannenbaum has
    Whether you like the front office staff's and coach's comments or not, they really have no effect on absolutely anything. The games are played, not spoken. Just because they say Hunter is great, i highly doubt Hunter gets complacent and doesn't try to improve. Just because Rex wins the SB, doesnt mean opponents try extra hard to beat us.

    The only time words can have an effect on a game is when you have a situation like the Jets and Patriots in the playoffs two seasons ago. Leading up to the game, there was so much trash talking on both ends. But because of the trash talking, Belichick benched Welker for the first offensive series. Hes in there on their opening drive, maybe they go up 7-0 instead of Harris setting a tone changing interception that affected the rest of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rexipus Rex View Post
    Tanny has only fired one coach, Mangini. If he fires Rex, his next coach will be his third
    I honestly dont see Rex being fired for a long time. You dont get rid of one of the top defensive coaching minds in the game. What you need is a truly gifted o coordinator to augment their offensive gameplanning, since we know Rex is deficient in that area


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