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Thread: Tight end free agents. Who's out there?

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    I would take Shockey and Plax signings in a heartbeat. Or, Shockey and a Percy Harvin trade. Or Put Mcnight at WR. Something needs to be done. Sanchez can play, just give him some playmakers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB1089 View Post
    This is what I was thinking.
    Shiancoe, I think will most likely go on IR, he has been unable to practice. The pats could cut him but would need to give an injury settlement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradis View Post

    The Patriots have 83 TEs on their roster at the moment.

    Per Adam Schefter...

    Now both young TEs locked up long term: Patriots reached agreement with TE Aaron Hernandez on long-term contract extension, per NFL source.

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    Manish says Josh Baker has a torn acl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stanner View Post
    Manish says Josh Baker has a torn acl.
    unreal. this sucks

    wish him a speedy recovery

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    Dan Leberfeld ‏@jetswhispers
    The Steelers released TE Justin Peele. Could be a consideration for the Jets who are all banged up at TE

    The San Francisco 49ers signed Peelle on September 13, 2011. During the 2011 season, he typically played in multiple-tight-end sets backing up Vernon Davis. On November 20, 2011, against the Arizona Cardinals after injuries to other players, Peelle also played fullback.

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    = Should be plenty of TE and OL released shortly.

    The Seahawks just released two tackles and a guard.

    They are:

    Veteran Alex Barron: Barron was the 19th pick of the draft in 2005. After an inconsistent career, marked by penalties and inconsistencies, Barron has good measurable: 6'7, 320. Barron must of not showed much to Seahawks who cut him in lieu players with much less experience. Still worth a tryout.
    Veteran Deuce Lutui: Aside from having a hilarious name, Deuce played at USC, was drafted in round 2 of the 2006 draft, and played for Arizona for six Seasons. A big 6'4, 334 lbs there are concerns about his fitness and endurance. When traded to Bengals in 2011 he failed his physical, leading him to eventually be signed by the Seahawks by his old coach. I say definitely worth a try out.

    The Vikings were loaded in depth for the O-Line and as a result they cut Levi Horn. Horn went undrafted in 2010, but he has great measurables at 6'7 315 lbs. Probably nothing more than a backup, as he's never started an NFL game.


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