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Thread: The Brayletes and Timsanity

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    The Brayletes and Timsanity

    I dunno how do I describe a completely split off-season:

    The Defense

    Great job by the FO upgrading the talent level on this unit. Coples won't be Mario Williams right away but he will be 2-3 years from now. Gotta admit Ingram tearing it up made me nervous but I see potential in Coples validated in his play. Finally, we have Safeties who can actually play! No more Eric Smithers and Jimmy Leonardo getting blown up by mediocre TE's and Fulbacks! Besides veteran acquisitions like Bell and Landry we got a steal in the late rounds with Antonio Allen and Josh Bush. Kenrick Ellis is the real deal Holyfield.

    The Offense

    OMFG. Tanny was so negligent with our offensive personnel it is ridiculous. We give Drew Stanton a guaranteed $500,000 bonus to be the new backup qb and then 5 minutes later trade for Tim Tebow - and then the FO literally spends rest of the off-season defending this move. WR? We sign a couple of duds who look nice on paper but are total losers in gameplay. Stephen Hill is a very interesting talent but he is 2-3 years away. We have no blocking TE. No legit 3rd down RB. The Wayne Hunter fiasco which hopefully is mitigated by Austin.

    But don't worry Brian Schottenheimer. As bad as this offense is going to be your train wreck in STL is upcoming and I look forward to Ndamukong Suh and the Lions beginning the Brian Schottyheimer exposure tour week 1.
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