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Thread: Heaven help us if Sanchez gets hurt.

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    Heaven help us if Sanchez gets hurt.

    We have some definite spots of worry. Rt of course but Howard looked solid so we shall see. Wr but we have youth and I think kerley will be better then last and that was very solid for a rook.
    What worries me is our backup qb. I know tebow is popular but the guy is not a qb. This tebow experiment is showing just how bad a qb he is in the traditional offense. Denver made it "work" because of the running game which was very good. Let's hope Sanchez stays healthy because with th ny media tebow will not be able to handle the pressure if things start to crumble around him with his ineptness.

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    100% blame should be sent to Tanny. You had a potential #2/3 in McElroy. You traded for a #2..But no that wasn't enough. The clowns in the front office wanted a media circus to rival the Giants rings. So they brought in this circus called TEbow. Tebow CANNOT play QB.

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    The team would be 1000% better off if we'd just stuck with Drew Stanton.

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    Tebow is awful, but most teams are screwed if their starting QB goes down. And, in any case, we wouldn't be running a traditional offense with Tebow anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    The team would be 1000% better off if we'd just stuck with Drew Stanton.
    Yup. I liked watching Tebow play last year, but he's a weapon not a credible pro QB.

    Keeping Stanton, who is mobile with a big arm himself, and then using that 4th rounder on an OT or another weapon at WR, TE or RB would have made the team stronger today.

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    You do realize that Tebow would be running a completely different offense if he were the everyday starter, right?

    Judging Tebow running a conventional offense would be like bashing Manning running the read option.


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