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Thread: Last in every major category

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    Last in every major category

    Not just the Jets (Last in points, yards, 3rd down conversions)...

    ...But also Tebow. Of QBs who threw 25 passes or more

    Tebow was last in

    Completion % - 13/36 (26.5%)
    QB Rating - 26.5
    TDs - 0

    and 65th of 69 in

    Yards / Attempt

    Sanchez (who wasn't particularly good until the last game) was last in

    TDs - 0 (Last)

    2nd to last in 1st down %: 17.1%

    Completion % - 68.6% (12th of 69)
    QB Rating - 59.6 (53rd of 69)
    YPA - 5.8 (39th of 69)

    Was Sanchez good? meh at best. But Tebow.... he was truly hideous. And the Jets offense as a whole, woof.

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    Tebow will never be asked to line up under center and run a traditional offense, so it's kind of irrellevant. If, God forbid, Sanchez was to get hurt we'd either go to an option offense or have McElroy start and Tebow continue to run the top-secret Gimmick Cat.

    In any case, if Sanchez gets hurt our season is over. He is by far the best offensive player we have (at a skill position).


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