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Thread: Two types of Tebow Chants

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    Two types of Tebow Chants

    I know the Tebow issue has been beaten like a dead horse, but I believe I can add a slightly different perspective. We all know that he is not ready as a QB, nor was he brought here to be the starting QB. Last night was a clear indication of that fact. There are 2 different Tebow chants, one detrimental and one not so much.

    The detrimental Tebow chant is where Sanchez throws and INT or 3 incompletions for a 3 and out which will happen at some point. The boos or screams for Tebow from the homecrowd would only add to the distraction.

    When Tebow comes in on 3rd and 2 or 4th and 1 and runs over a defender to pick up the first down or pound into the endzone, gets up and starts pumping his fist and running over to the crowd and generating excitement, that is a very appropriate time to react and chant. The third and long he converted last night by running showed the spark he can give, even though I know he won't be in on third and long.

    Our homecrowd is notorious for lack of intensity or excitement, more like sitting on your hands and waiting for something bad to happen and needs something really exciting to stand and scream. Well, Tebow can be that excitement.

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    1.) I believe with the RT issue behind the Jets (looks at Howard: and it is, isn't it?) Sanchez will be a much better player this year and there will be no QB controversy.

    2.) Tebow will come in and run some Brad Smith, Wildcat-esque plays. And hopefully he will be as good as Smith was running it. He can add tremendous value to the offense without being a starting QB.

    3.) I believe in Sanchez, I always have. He's shown flashes, and looked good last night. But that doesn't mean I will not root for Tebow to succeed in his role on the offense. I think it is ridiculous for Jets fans to boo one or the other

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    The thing that makes me angry is when Sanchez gets sacked, these dummies are chanting for Tebow. It doesnt matter if Steve Young was back there, with this o-line play, anyone would get sacked.

    Also, I dont know if anyone was watching the game, but sanchez's interception was due to the inability to catch a perfectly thrown ball. I heard a loud Tebow chant after that. If Tebow was throwing that ball to Hill, it would have been skipped to him. Watch the game before you speak, folks.


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