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Thread: No matter where you go there you are

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    No matter where you go there you are

    From watching all the preseason games it's apparent that the Jets are trying to build a dominating defense but also trying to compete in a market that demands a winning franchise. The Jets are going to be OK. They will win a lot of games but it's clear that they are not yet at a level where they can compete with teams like the Packers or Giants.

    Sanchez is still growing as a QB and I really wonder just how much pressure he is putting on himself to over achieve ? Bringing in Tebow was a great idea for the back pages and although Sanchez has praised him I wonder if the coaching staff really understood the fallout from bringing into a team that fell apart towards the end of the season.

    Stephen Hill is going to be a good receiver if he can learn to run after he catches the ball instead of waiting for the initial hit from defensive backs. I think Holmes will be OK if he can keep his mouth closed but I am really thinking that Green is not the answer at running back.

    I don't put much into preseason and I think a lot of fans are going to be surprised when the Jets score a TD in the first quarter of their first game. Would I love the Jets to take it all this year ? Of course I would but I also understand that building a winning franchise takes time and I want the Jets to be able to be a dominant team for many years to come with multiple playoff wins.

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    If the Jets master plan is to rebuild the defense in 2012 and then rebuild the offense in 2013 I'm with you 100%. The price we pay for the win-now teams of '10 and '11 on the cap indicates this.

    But if the Jets go into next season, again, with a focus only on the defense and seeming disregard for offense there'll be hell to pay.

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    The defense will win this team a game or two, unfortunately the offense will lose this team two or three games. This team has 7-9, 8-8 or 9-7 written all over it, even if they get off to a 2-1 "fast" start. This offense is putrid. It's a sad and pathetic day when fans are all excited (not the OP of course) over two field goal drives and one handed over FG by the first string offense in the third outing of the season after not scoring at all in the first two outings.


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