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Thread: Call me crazy, but the Jets should give T.O a call...

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    Just as crazy here. You are crazy, but I like it.

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    You're nuckin' futz.

    btw Bleedin', sweet avatar.

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    The only reason it does make sense is because he'd be a free player off the cap. If your saying should we should cut White to put TO on the team. I just can't say yes on that. TO, BE, Ocho Moss, Plax or any other WR of that nature are not any kind of answer for this team.

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    There is so much young WR talent in the NFL now, half are names you never heard of, all better with much more upside than TO. The NFL has never had a bevy of this many talented guys, once cut day ends, there will be a ton of quality young WR on the street. Go after those guys, not guys like TO.

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    I think every WR in the league at this point is better than TO. He is just not the same player anymore.

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    Well, hello there Mr Crazy. How are you this fine Monday afternoon?

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    Yup. People get caught up with big names. TO is done... Thats it, hes old and washed up. Hes been that way for many seasons now.


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