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Thread: Rex Ryan and the Jets offense

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    The only time they have drafted for offense was out of necessity:

    1) The one first round pick - Sanchize - was a situation born of the fact that the Jets had no other realistic options available. Pennington was "done" and there weren't any good prospects waiting to take over.

    2) When they didn't resign Plex or bring in an experience WR, they pretty much had to take someone with a #1-2 pick. Showing their priorities, they went with defense first.

    3) After the 2nd round, it is customary to pick both offensive and defensive players. The fact that they used "some" picks doesn't buy them any credit.

    This year: after having offensive problems last year
    WR: they went into the season with a rookie WR who played in the wishbone as the #2 guy. (Since Kerley is a slot guy, he really doesn't fit that role even though he doesn't suck). After that, the weak WR corps was bolstered with NOTHING.

    OL - NOTHING was done to improve a line with problems at RT and ZERO depth. If the new RT works out, it will be lucky.

    TE - There were plenty of TE's available for cheap on the FA market. They didn't bring in anyone. The Giants brought in Marcellus Bennett.

    RB - See TE. Lost LT and brought in Ganaway. Hall of Famer for a project - that's the way to improve the offense!!!

    QB - Tebow cannot throw. If you don't believe in Sanchize, find someone who might be able to throw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LotteryPick6 View Post
    What a steal that Ducasse pick was. Along with the "Rex Pick" John Conner. Shocking we aren't a top 5 offense.

    Did u say that when those picks were made?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinstar View Post
    Did u say that when those picks were made?
    Back then, I think most of us Jet fans were saying, "Who the f**k are Vlad Ducasse and John Conner."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    Back then, I think most of us Jet fans were saying, "Who the f**k are Vlad Ducasse and John Conner."
    I remember being in a plush dinner restaurant... when someone told me who the pick was and I said "Who the fukk is that"?

    The Vladimir name gave me an image of Dolf Lungren. I thought, OK. BIG lineman.

    Boy was I shocked... but the JETS concealed their knowledge of the Haitain football program from the rest of the NFL.


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