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Thread: Reminder-2011 preseason Atlanta 0-4 & St Louis 4-0

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    Reminder-2011 preseason Atlanta 0-4 & St Louis 4-0

    Pat Kirwan ‏@PatKirwanCBS
    Reminder-2011 preseason Atlanta 0-4 & St Louis 4-0...then what happened?

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    Collinsworth also made the point that the Chiefs years ago went the entire preseason without scoring a TD and then led the NFL in TDs during the season.

    Does that let the O off the hook for a miserable 3 games? No, but people need to relax.

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    I think we just need to remember that this is the PRESEASON. Wins and scoreboards mean next to nothing.

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    Plus the lions went 4-0 in preseason then went on to their woeful 0-16 season.

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    I just have one point about preseason.. Sanchez before the 3rd preseason game play about a half of football combined in 2 games.. So our starters didn't score in a half of football that happens to teams all year.. They keep saying we haven't scored a td in 2 games.. All that tells me is our back up suck.. Just cause we haven't scored a td in 2 games it doesnt mean it was our starter. That is what the media fails to recognize. I bet if you compare our starters stats against the rest of the leagues starter stats and not the backups our offense isn't as bad as it seems! It's preseason. Mark played like 3 drives in first game. So he didn't score a td in 3 drives it wasn't mark in the whole game!! So to me its not the end of the world. Yes I would love to see us score a td on the first drive like a Rodgers or Brady or Bree's but it's preseason!! You can't take the whole game as a starters stats!

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    Wins and losses in preseason are irrelevant but failing to score a TD is very scary.

    The Jets actually tried last night just to get the proverbial monkey off their back and still failed to reach pay dirt.

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    It's good to be concerned that we haven't gotten into the end zone. But that's as far as it should go. To go crazy and start making absurd predictions is just that: absurd. Would've been nice to get that monkey off of our backs against the Panthers, but more important than that was how Sanchez played. I think he looked fantastic, so while they still didn't score a TD or win a PS game, I walked away encouraged.

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    I was impressed as well and our defense looked awesome.. I believe if this was a real game and theirs and our starters played the whole game we would have won


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