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Thread: Cimini: Jets trade Hunter for Rams' Smith

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    Exclamation Cimini: Jets trade Hunter for Rams' Smith

    Rich Cimini ‏@RichCimini

    Filed to ESPN: #Jets close to finalizing deal for Rams RT Jason Smith, league sources. RT Wayne Hunter part of deal. Smith, No. 2 pick '09

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    cant hurt....right?

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    I'd rather stick with Howard.

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    If it takes Hunter off the team I guess its ok.

    Please nothing higher than a 6th rounder though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    I'd rather stick with Howard.
    same but this can't hurt. They're trading wayne for something. whatever to get him off the team

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    i can't believe it's actually possible to trade Wayne Hunter.

    i mean, really.

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    Hmm. Idk, I'm liking AHow (copyright 2012, all rights reserved) so far.

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    I wonder what Smith's contract is for the Rams to take on Hunter's contract?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Swanson View Post
    same but this can't hurt. They're trading wayne for something. whatever to get him off the team
    I agree. Hunter is a black cloud. Bad things happen when he is on the field.

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    lol if schotty is over there saying, "OH! YES! GET ME WAYNE HUNTER!"

    poor poor sam bradford

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    Awesome, would love the move.

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    Wow they actually accepted hunter? That's odd

    Is Smith any good?

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    On July 30, 2009 the Rams agreed to terms with Smith on a six-year contract with $33 million in guarantees. The maximum value of the deal is $61 million. The sixth year is voidable, which would leave Smith with $6.6 million per year over five years.

    Currently, Smith is the starting right tackle for the Rams. Though drafted as a left tackle he has been beaten out by 2010 Rams rookie Rodger Saffold.[13] As a rookie, in 2009, Smith played mostly right tackle, although he played some left tackle—the position for which he was drafted. In his rookie season Smith suffered a serious concussion November 22, 2009. "My situation was real serious," Smith related and it caused him to miss the remainder of his rookie season

    Source; Wikipedia

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    ... anyone know anything about him? ...

    ... after howards performance yesterday def am leaning towards him earning the role as starter ...

    ... get rid of hunter please ... maybe change of scenario will help him ... but just get him away from me ...


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    Great move. Perfect talent who has underperformed and could develop behind Howard.

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    This guy was drafted second overall? Rams want to dump his contract because he was beat out. Lets not put Howard in the HOF after one preseason game. I would like this trade and he has this season and next left on his contract with an option for another year if we care....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JETFAN1 View Post
    I wonder what Smith's contract is for the Rams to take on Hunter's contract?
    Smith reworked his deal in the offseason:

    St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Jason Smith has agreed to lower his salary for the 2012 season

    Earlier Saturday, Mac's Football Blog reported that Smith would reduce his salary for the 2012 season from $10 million to $4 million.

    The contract that Smith signed as a rookie in 2009 would have seen the Rams pay him $10 million for the 2012 season and $12 million in 2013, the website reported. In addition to the $4 million he will now make in 2012, the restructured deal includes a $500,000 roster bonus.

    Smith's original contract went through the 2014 season, but that year was voidable. According to Mac's Football Blog, because the season was voided, Smith will now count for $11.035 million against the team's salary cap for the 2012 season, down from $13.3 million.

    The restructuring also affected the 2013 season. Smith is now set to earn $750,000, with an $11.25 million roster bonus, according to the website, and that year can also now be voided.

    The Rams made Smith the No. 2 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, but he has played in just 26 games since. He started just six games in 2011 before going on the injured-reserve list in November.

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    Maybe Shotty in St. Louis will be our Mangini in Cleveland taking our garbage and sending us the good ones. He already took Mulligan's sorry ass with him AND has him starting. Poor Sam Bradford....

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    Only the jets could find a way to trade hunter for a worse tackle...smith is horrible.

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    Depends what draft picks they give up. My understanding is that Smith has been much of a bust himself. I'd hate for the Jets to give up draft picks for a guy they are cutting in one year

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