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Thread: Smith was one of the biggest why?

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    Smith was one of the biggest why?

    They've shipped out the scapegoat for all their offensive problems in the preseason, tackle Wayne Hunter, and brought in Rams tackle Jason Smith.
    Smith was drafted second-overall in 2009, but he has been a huge bust. He missed much of his rookie season with a concussion, and only started six games before being benched on a downright awful Rams team last year.
    He is due $4 million this season, according to, and $12 million next year.

    The offensive line has been a huge issue for New York. But is Smith really the answer?

    This is a guy who was benched last year and hasn't even come close to the promise of his high draft position.

    The Jets love taking chances on talented players with bust potential. They've done it, relatively successfully, with Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes, and Aaron Maybin.

    But this is different. Those guys were proven commodities, Smith is a once-promising prospect who hasn't shown he can start games in the NFL.
    They didn't give up much. But if they're counting on Smith to be a meaningful player this year, they're in trouble.

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    Maybin was a proven commodity?

    Do us all a favor, worry about the Pasts OLine problem, not the Jets

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    Maybin was also a bust. Hopefully Howard is the real deal and this guy is only in for jumbo packages.

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    why must you start a new thread when there is one asking the same question three below?


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