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Thread: What about Plax?

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    What about Plax?

    As rosters continue to be slimmed down, more and more possible receivers hit the market for the Jets to potentially take a look at. What I want to know is, why haven't we considered bringing back Plaxico Burress?

    Obviously he was nowhere near his pre-prison form with us last year, but in the redzone the guy was clutch and led us to a #1 ranking in that area. We've all blatantly noticed throughout training camp and preseason how the Jets have struggled to get the ball in the endzone, and I think it's because we desperately miss our 6'6" receiver from last year.

    He's no burner anymore, but the guy can catch the ball in the endzone over any DB in the league and I think we should seriously consider bringing him back.


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    I miss Braylon. I think we need a thread on that too...

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    Jets seem hell bent on letting the youngsters grow and Plaxico was likely one of if not the "source" Manish Mehta kept talking/quoting about in January and February.

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    Quote Originally Posted by long island leprechaun View Post
    I miss Braylon. I think we need a thread on that too...
    & one on keyshawn johnson


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