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Thread: Why all the Sanchez hate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigFL View Post
    In BEs defense he was asked to compare them as rookies. It's not a stretch or a slight to think Wilson is ahead of where Sanchez was, based on collegiate experience alone. That being said, the media jump on that like a starved dog on a bone, made a national story out of it, and used it to take one more jab at Mark. That's the shameful part, not what BE said.

    I believe the crap these "pundits" are parroting, originates from the sports producers themselves. They've set the agenda of negative news on Sanchez, as one of several themes to be focused on, when covering the Jets. There are others Holmes and Tebowmania.

    Here's a few Repetitive targeting themes on Sanchez...

    How is Sanchez getting along with his teammates.

    How is Mark getting along with Holmes.

    How is Sanchez getting along with Tebow

    Will the pressure of the QB competition between Sanchez vs Tebow, get to Mark and effect his play.

    How soon will Tebow take over at QB for Sanchez.

    Asking an ex Jets players, like Plax or Braylon, what do you think of Mark Sanchez as a QB.

    The purpose of the above is to elicit negative answers. And to create an overall negative picture of Sanchez as QB NYJ.

    This manner of focusing on Sanchez...goes on...and on...and nauseum.

    And an agenda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    Brady, Rogers, Manning, Brees are great. I watch enough football over a long enough period of time to know that. The guys that are poor or mediocre over a period of a few years you can judge. Sanchez's play and stats and when you watch him play make him a mediocre QB. We can wish all we want it was otherwise but it isn't. Will he take that next step? Maybe we don't know but at this time he is probably not a top 20 QB.

    Home town fans are either too easy on their players, or too hard. Over a period of a number of years both media and fans of other teams actually have more valid opinions. They have no 'fan based' vested interest in the player, they just say what they see.
    The point I would make is that the jury is still out on Sanchez. Just comparing Eli's and Sanchez's play/stats their first 3 yrs should let you know that. Some QB's depending on their team situation take some time to mature. Funny thing is that last yr, Sanchez's 3rd yr, was the year that he took the worst beating due to poor OL play..worse than his first 2 yrs by a long shot. Last yr I was hopeful that Sanchez would 'progress' to the next level of development..but obviously that didn't happen as he took a physical beating..I am amazed the man was standing at season's end.

    Not willing to give up on Sanchez just yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamont_jordan_rules View Post
    ... i'm curious, what were the 2 or 3 things that you felt sanchez needed to show the most improvement in going into this season? ...

    ... mine were

    1. cut down turnovers

    2. improve completion %

    3. play with more consistency quarter to quarter as well as game to game throughout the season

    (want to throw a 4 in? ... i'll go with grab a firmer hold of the leadership mantle with this team ...)

    ... in this offseason/ preseason what he has done is ...

    1. thrown either 2 (or 1 picks depending on if you include the hill non catch)

    2. in the 3 games his comp %'s are 67%, 82%, 61% up from last year 57%

    3. the fact that he's improved in these areas and shown that throught his time on the field & for all 3 weeks is a solid answer in the only was that's been possible so far to prove consistency

    4. all the steps he's done with jets west/ handling tebow mania / handling santonio / being more vocal with his team-mates are all good steps in this direction

    ... all of these are in limited sample sizes and in only preseason games ... but they are the only place he's been able to show us where he's at one way or another ... only time will tell is this is truly maturation and improvement or a mirage ... but ...



    Nothing he can do, will make the "realistic" and "objective" fans believe that he can/has improved....... I mean, he's 25 years old, obviously washed up.......... no one ever gets better AFTER 25, not to mention, 3 WHOLE years.

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