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Thread: New York Jets Video 2012

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    New York Jets Video 2012

    Thanks for some of the feedback on the video. For those who liked it the first time around and for those who have yet to see it, here it is again. Note:I'm a Jets' fan since the days of the Titans and have stuck with them till this day. I did this song/video to show the transition from the 60's till 2012. It's not a Rah! Rah! rap video! If that's what you're expecting! Skip it! If you want to feel as a Jets' fan has for over 40 years, give it a try. It's meaning is that the team has turned a corner and is now headed in the right direction. The last few years of Jets' football have been very refreshing and entertaining.

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    I like it. Well done.

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    Funny thing is after this, we have to win the Super Bowl.

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    Stop posting this.


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