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Thread: Mighty Joe Young

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    Mighty Joe Young

    Mediocre kids movie from the 90's except for one thing: the special effects in this movie look better than any of this CGI crap I've been getting bombarded with the last 10 years in event movies.

    The big gorilla looks more real because it was a animtronic robot. I never watch one of these Lord of The Rings or Star Wars prequels and ever think to myself: "Wow, looks so real can't believe they did that."

    Do you think Hollywood will ever use practical FX again or are stuck with this green screen bs forever?

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    Charlize Theron is so hot.

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    Pretty good flick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri_0515 View Post
    Charlize Theron is so hot.
    I would slam her aryan @$$ any day of the week.


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